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3 Steps for a Powerful and Effective Decision Making Process

Making good decisions is one of the most critical parts of every leader’s job.  And it’s not easy...

The Relationship Between Successful Leaders and Empathy

How often do you consider the role of empathy in a list of qualities of a successful leader? The...

How the Enneagram Can Help You to Avoid the Upper Limit Problem when Setting Professional Goals

Are you taking stock of how you are progressing against your goals for the year?  Ironically, if...

How Leaders Can Dead End Even When Hitting Their Targets

In 25 years since I’ve been coaching leaders through big promotions, I’ve seen a lot of near...

Introducing: How to Pick an Executive Coach That's Right For You

Does your recent Google search history look like this: How to pick an executive coach, when to use...

Unlocking the Answers to Leadership Potential: an Enneagram-based case study

Imagine you are a senior level leader who experiences these challenges:

  • You have to choose between...

10 Signs your Team Could Benefit from a Team Personality Assessment

Is your team experiencing any of these themes?